About Us

Whether you are an individual looking to get employed or a small to mid-sized firm looking to get high quality personnel, we can help you. We cater to all staffing needs and provide customized Human Resource solutions at a rapid pace.    

At Unity Recruitments, we partner with our clients to place the right talent at the right job. Our team is well equipped to help you fast-track your career aspirations by helping you find the right opportunity that best suits your interests, goals and objectives.

Corporate Philosophy:

Our core philosophy is that every individual has something to contribute. It's all about finding the right talent for the job. Uniting requirements with offerings is what we do best, and we engage ourselves 100 percent in all that we do, no matter the size or scale of the account. For us, every client is important, and we treat everyone fairly, following the cornerstones of our philosophy: honesty, transparency and sincerity.

Unity — Our Value Proposition:

Calling on all Canadian employers to join hands with Unity Recruitments, for
We take the "leg work" out of the hiring process and deliver what you need!
When you decide to place your trust on us, we respond and support you from the A to Z of the hiring process. That means:

➢ Finding the right individual for the job
➢ Complete screening of candidates
➢ Reference checks
➢ Payroll (taxes, WSIB)
➢ Health and Safety (WHMIS and/or CPR etc.)
➢ Criminal background checks, if desired
➢ Training certificates
➢ Ride accommodation if necessary

Our Candidates are our ambassadors:

Our strong screening process enables us to have an extremely low turnover rate. In the unusual cases when we do have turnover, we have back ups set in place to ensure our client's needs are always fulfilled. Often, we are able to fulfill the demand in short notice given that we have a phenomenal database of pre-screened candidates.


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