Permanent Staffing:

Recruiting highly-skilled specialized human resources for permanent part-time or full-time positions can be a tedious process for any organization. We help our clients by making their talent hunt easier, so you can invest more time and resources into doing what you do best.

 Our one-stop recruitment solutions:      

  • Scanning resumes
  • Candidate shortlisting
  • In-person and online interviewing
  • Candidate background search
  • Onboarding and job training
  • Corporate culture training

Temporary Staffing:

 We understand that companies often struggle to find dependable manpower to fill up shifts. We at Unity only partner with personnel who are sincere and honest in their work ethic and dependable in their conduct. We invest in upgrading their skill sets and making them job ready so they turn productive from the get go! We are ever willing to meet our client needs and requirements without emphasizing on minimum work hours

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